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 Adopt A Church

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Best estimates indicate that dozens of new churches are planted all over the Islands each week. Praise God! Because of this, the information listed here is constantly in need of updates. For this reason, we request your help in updating this information based on your knowledge of your location.


In giving just a few minutes of your time, you can help submit vital information about:


  • New churches in your area

  • Churches that are not new, but not represented here

  • Churches that have transferred to a new location

  • Churches that have "died"​​



More than 35 million people live in barangays that are without a church. Hundreds, even thousands of barangays in the Philippines have no evangelical/ full gospel church. In many cases, this means that the people in those barangays have no ready access to the Good News.


However, a number of barangays with at least one church have very large populations and could be more rapidly reached with the gospel if additional churches were planted in the barangay.​


Your church or group can make an impact in these spiritually needy areas!

Provide New Information

If you have new information about a church or several churches in any given area of the country, we'd greatly appreciate you sharing them! Click the button below to contribute to the Church Research Report.

Library Books
Browse / Update Existing Info

If you have new information about a church or several churches in any given area of the country, or you simply want to browse the existing information and look for information that needs to be updated, we'd greatly appreciate your help! Click the button below to browse and update.

Parent and Child
Adopt a Needy Barangay

We highly encourage you to adopt a needy barangay by engaging a church planting project in the area. Experience has shown that most successful church planting projects happen as a result of prayerful planning, and some simple but powerful goal-setting. This planning and goal-setting is what we refer to as the adoption of a barangay. Click the button below to know more.

Hands in the Soil
Tell Us About Your Church Planting

Already initiated a church planting project in a needy barangay? We highly encourage you to register your church planting project on this website.


Registering your adoption will allow others to know about a work already going on in a barangay, thus minimize overlap with other church planting projects and avoid misunderstanding. 


When you register, a notation will be added next to your selected barangay as an indication to other churches or groups that there will soon be (or already is) a project in the barangay.​ Click the button below to register your initiative.

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