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Spontaneous Disciple-Making

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 Spontaneous Disciple-Making (SDM)
is a process and strategy of making Disciples to multiply generations of new believers, leaders, and churches.

This course is designed for all long time and new leaders in the church and people in the pews-professionals or non-professionals, and potential church planters/missionaries both mono and cross-cultural who are committed to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, and are determined to personally multiply their lives by making disciples who will make disciples and by training new leaders to train others and do the same until every person in his community and beyond has been given the opportunity to know God personally. Bible school graduate is an advantage.


The course aims to help the participants/students to develop a DNA and practical ministry skills in multiplication focus only to various aspects of basic church ministry including evangelism (multiplication of Bible-believing believers), discipleship (multiplication of growing disciple-making disciples), ministry leadership (multiplication of disciple-making ministry leaders), and church planting (multiplication of culturally relevant new disciple-making churches).

This is not a substitute of Bible School but a supplementary training and an upgrade of the current best practices of intentional disciple-making ministry. It is not meant for academic studies but for practical ministry skills development.




This a six-hour classroom session, meeting once a month in one year (12 months) period program- a total of 72 hours of coaching, cross-training, classroom lectures and workshops.


As part of participants’ integration and immersion in their weekly ministry, they will be immediately deployed or sent back to their respective market places and closely supervised or monitored by a partner institution on their weekly on-the-job or hands-on training in the field, either in local church setting or church planting area, for at least a minimum of 3 hours a week (for non-full time and non-part time), for a total of field ministry requirement of 156 hours before graduation. Sunday ministry is not included in the counting of man-hours.

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