Natural Church Development

Grow Your Church in Quality & Quantity

A worldwide research project was done to determine the qualities that are needed for a church to grow in quantity. Eight essential qualities were clearly identified. They are:

  1. Enabling Leadership

  2. Gift-based Ministry

  3. Passionate Spirituality

  4. Useful Structures

  5. Inspiring Worship Services

  6. Comprehensive Small Groups

  7. Need-meeting Evangelism

  8. Loving Relationships

You can obtain an analysis for your church showing the strength of your church in these eight qualities.


Use your strengths to work on your weaknesses. As you do, you can overcome barriers that have been holding your church back from experiencing greater health.


All resources on this website are especially designed for churches in the Philippines.

Do Survey 

Guide to conducting Natural Church Development (NCD) Survey for your church.​



Printable questionnaires for NCD surveys in your church contextualized to our Philippine setting. 

8 Qualities

Resources expounding on the Eight Qualities needed to grow a church.   

Intro to NCD

Resources expounding on the Life Releasing Principles that enable a church to grow by itself.

This includes resources on a one day seminar giving an overview of NCD, including NCD Implementation Networks.

Meeting Guides

Downloadable notes from NCD trainings. 

Directory Facilitator


Downloadable guides for facilitators training others to become NCD Network Facilitators.

Power Points

Complete presentation slides during orientation and most important points.

Email List


To receive free news by e-mail about NCD send an e-mail to Request to be added to NCD E-News.


Contains a great wealth of first-class resources for NCD, church multiplication, cell church and leadership development. Some sections of the site are available by subscription only. Subscriptions for Filipinos are available from Philippine Challenge for just P350 per year.


NCD International

Find out what is happening in NCD around the world.