Church Research Report


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My church or group would like to impact a needy barangay.

We would highly encourage you to adopt a barangay by engaging a church planting project in the area. Experience has shown that most successful church planting projects happen as a result of prayerful planning and some simple, but powerful goal-setting. This planning and goal-setting is what we refer to as the adoption of a barangay.

Step 1 - Review adoption goals. Click here to preview these goals.

Step 2 - Search for Needy Barangay. Indicate the barangay you wish to adopt. Do this by first reading the rest of these steps, then click on the link below and you will be guided in selecting the location by province, municipality and barangay.

Step 3 - Select Barangay. When you see the list of barangays, click the Adopt! link next to the name of your chosen barangay.

Step 4 - Enter Information. In the form you will see on your monitor, enter basic information about your church planting project.

Step 5 - Send Information. Click the button on the form to submit the information! Your information will be included in this website after processing.

Ready to begin? Click here to start the process!